A great time to give back

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The community of Cassville has a unique opportunity to raise funds to support nonprofit organizations and projects in the local area. Beginning this week, the Cassville Community Foundation is launching a drive to raise $25,000 for the organization's grant-making endowment fund. Through the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, local donations will be matched dollar for dollar under the newly announced Harry Cooper Challenge. In other words, every dollar donated to the Cassville Community Foundation will generate an additional dollar for worthy local projects through Dec. 31.

Local Foundation board members have just begun the process of soliciting funds and will be contacting civic-minded groups and individuals during the coming weeks. Donations to the Cassville Community Foundation will also be accepted at local banks during the next two months.

The main purpose of establishing the Cassville Community Foundation, which functions as an affiliate of Community Foundation of the Ozarks, was to keep local assets in local communities. All money raised through the Harry Cooper Challenge will be placed in the local Foundation's grant-making endowment fund. The principal of the money will become an investment vehicle and interest earnings from the fund will be distributed to non-profit organizations and projects through the awarding of grants on an annual basis.

Currently, the Foundation's grant-making endowment fund totals $33,982.80, and through the Harry Cooper Challenge, local board members hope to grow the principal amount to around $72,000, which would allow the organization to distribute around $7,200 in grants annually. The money raised by the Cassville Community Foundation stays in Cassville and decisions about how the grant money is allocated is made by local people.

Over the next eight weeks, the Cassville Democrat will be keeping track of the group's fundraising goal through the use of a thermometer graphic that will be updated as donations are made to the Foundation. It should be noted that donations of all sizes will be accepted and appreciated. A donation of $5 becomes $10 and a donation of $5,000 becomes $10,000 through the Harry Cooper Challenge.

This is an opportunity too big for Cassville residents to miss. As one of the board members said recently, there are many times when local money is spent in Springfield, so it's nice to know that money donated by a Springfield company will be coming back to Cassville through the Harry Cooper Challenge.

If you need more information about the Cassville Community Foundation and its fundraising drive, feel free to contact us here at the newspaper or get in touch with one of the Foundation Board members who include Landon Fletcher, Phil Hutchens, Susie Jacobs, Mike McCracken, Jerry Marple, Angela Seymour, Dan Angel, Gary Fields and Dennis Baker.

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