Butterfield receives tax revenue report

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Butterfield City Council received a report on sales tax revenues at its regularly scheduled meeting on Oct. 20.

According to City Clerk Georgia Wenell the city's gross receipts and sales tax revenues have been increasing recently.

"Four years ago, the post office pulled out of Butterfield, including contract offices," said Wenell. "When they did this, they also took away our zip code stating that zip codes were the property of the post office."

All Butterfield addresses were changed to Rural Route 1 addresses, which are now handled by the Cassville Post Office. Butterfield residents also began using the 65625 zip code.

"This caused us a great deal of problems with our property, sales and gross receipts taxes," said Wenell. "Companies and the state were not able to distinguish between what was Cassville and what was Butterfield, hence many of Butterfield's taxes went to Cassville."

When Barry County E-911 addresses were implemented last year, city officials were told that all addresses must correspond with their GPS location, said Wenell. In order to comply with the requirement, all Butterfield addresses received a five-digit number.

"In March, once all the Butterfield addresses had been assigned, mapped and approved by E-911 and the post office, the city direct mailed (new addresses to) everyone within the Butterfield city limits," said Wenell. "They were given the correct city name but the Cassville zip code so they would be sorted to the Cassville Post Office.

"It took us a great deal of time to get the post office to make the changes to their sorting so that Butterfield and Cassville could both be recognized in the 65625 zip code," said Wenell. "As a result of the new addresses, Butterfield has already seen an increase in sales tax and gross receipts tax revenues and we expect to see that trend continue as addresses are changed."

Butterfield officials also hope to see an increase in personal property tax revenues over the next few months.

Individuals who have questions or are still experiencing issues with their address change are encouraged to call Wenell at 417-442-7975.

In other business, the Butterfield City Council:

* Heard that a new computer monitor was purchased for city hall.

* Approved Wenell's request to attend the Missouri City Clerk and Financial Officer Association's fall institute in Republic.

* Directed Wenell to send Gail Purves a bill for $100 for damages to a fire hydrant.

* Approved the purchase of a dissolved oxygen meter for the sewer system.

* Extended the application deadline for the sewer and animal control position to Nov. 17.

* Approved a $21,229.60 bid from Hutchens Construction for the city's Walnut Street repair project.

* Approved an identity theft prevention program for the city's utility accounts.

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