Patrons tour Purdy School's new additions

Thursday, November 6, 2008
The Purdy R-II School District offered tours of its three new additions during open house events that were held on Oct. 27, 28 and 30. The new facilities house a central office and classrooms for the Title I, special education and gifted programs. New classrooms have also been added for middle school social studies, fifth grade communication arts, elementary art and elementary music. The new elementary music room is pictured above. Democrat Photo

Parents and patrons had the opportunity to tour the Purdy R-II School District's three new additions and newly renovated facilities during open house events that were held at the school on Oct. 27, 28 and 30.

"All of these new additions give us room to grow," said Superintendent Jerry Lingo. "We conducted a 10-year plan to address current and projected growth."

Purdy's district-wide building project includes a new addition that houses the central superintendent's office, a large open reception area, a small break room, new storage rooms and a board room, which features Smart Board technology.

"The board room will be available to school organizations for meetings," said Lingo.

The new addition also offers two new classrooms for health education. The classrooms will be used as meeting rooms for visiting schools during basketball season and school events.

The construction of the new central office area allowed the district to move the high school office into the old superintendent's office at the west end of the school campus.

"This change and the addition of the new elementary office has allowed us to put all offices on the outer reaches of the building, which makes the campus much more secure," said Lingo. "Only the doors located next to the offices are open during the day now."

The former high school office has been converted into a high school counselor's office, which allowed the district to place a teachers' workroom in the area that was formerly used by the counselor.

In addition to a new elementary office, the second addition, which was built on the west end of the elementary wing, houses an elementary art room, Title I room, music room and a room for the gifted program.

Purdy's district-wide building projects included renovations to the R-II School District's gymnasium. The facility received a new air conditioning system, a beautifully refinished floor and new bleachers that feature the letters PHS. Democrat Photo

"We are very proud of the talented and gifted program classroom," said Lingo. "Before, these classes were put anywhere. We think the new room will really help give the program more emphasis."

The new gifted classroom features eight new computers. New computers have also been added in the new Title 1 classroom.

The construction of the new elementary office and classrooms has allowed the district to make some additional changes in that wing of the campus also. The counselor's office has been moved into the old elementary principal's office and another recently vacated space has been converted into a sick bay area.

"The new sick bay gives the nurse a room to examine students in and another to move sick children into," said Lingo. "It also includes a small office for our interpreter."

The old elementary music and art rooms, which both moved into the new wing, have been converted into an elementary teachers' workroom and an English as a Second Language classroom.

The third new addition was built at the Purdy Middle School. New classrooms have been added for sixth, seventh and eighth grade social studies, the Title I program, fifth grade communication arts and special education.

Several of these classes were relocated to the new addition from a modular classroom building located on the Purdy campus.

"Televised credit classes, the Missouri Options and credit recovery programs, in-school suspension and the AmeriCorps Reading coaches' storage rooms and offices are now located in the modular unit," said Lingo.

The district's special education director's office has also been relocated to the new middle school addition. It was previously housed in the vocational agriculture building. The move allowed the district to hire a second agriculture teacher this year.

"We feel real fortunate to have the new special education office and classroom," said Lingo. "This program was in a real small area before, and we feel these areas have helped a lot. The teachers are really enjoying them too."

The district-wide building project also included renovations to the school's gymnasium.

"We put new air conditioning in the gymnasium and replaced the bleachers," said Lingo. "We also put up new backboards and completed some other renovations."

New parking areas have been added near all of the newly constructed facilities.

Purdy's district-wide building project was financed by a $2.1 million bond issue that voters approved by a four-to-one margin in April of 2007.

The Purdy R-II School Board approved a $1,800,322 bid from Kindall Construction, of Fordland, for the building project in October of 2007.

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