City's new deputy economic development director arrives

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The second half of the City of Cassville's new economic development team is on the job and ready to hit the ground running.

Lynette Dilbeck began her position as deputy economic development director on Monday, Oct. 20. She joins her husband, Eugene, who has been working with the city since April. Lynette has been living and working in Denver, Colo., while waiting for the couple's home to sell.

According to City Administrator Mike Hayslip, Lynette will be instrumental in guiding the public relations and marketing aspects of the city's new economic development plan, which is currently being created with input from the community.

"A lot of my strengths lie in communications, public relations and processing information, as well as branding and imaging," said Lynette. "We will be looking at how we can get where we want to go while bringing people into the process so they buy into the plan."

In the coming months, the Dilbecks will be working toward creating a "master plan" for Cassville, which will provide city leaders with a blueprint for positive growth.

"Eugene and I will always have ideas, but the direction the city takes has to be what is embraced by the people here or it won't work," Lynette said.

Charting a plan of growth for the city will require a balanced approach, according to Lynette.

"I love the optimism and the opportunity I see here," said Lynette. "The question will become how do you preserve what you have and progress at the same time. We don't want to destroy the integrity of what makes Cass-ville, Cassville, but we also want to be able to expand and be open to new opportunities.

"It will be an interesting balance," added Lynette. "How do we persevere and progress at the same time?"

Moving to Cassville has been a very positive experience, which according to Lynette, has been reinforced by the reception and support the couple has received from the community.

"We already had a built-in support system with all the family we have here, but the helpful, welcoming and enthusiastic response we've received from the city staff and others in the community has exceeded my expectations," said Lynette. "The atmosphere here is as wholesome and genuine as we knew it would be."

Lynette comes to Cassville with an impressive resume in the fields of marketing, public relations and journalism. Most recently, Lynette served as director of communications for AAA Colorado.

Over the past 25 years, Lynette has also served as president of Lambert-Dilbeck Marketing Resources in Denver and vice president of account services for Kinzely-Hughes Marketing, Advertising and PR in Denver.

Lynette, who graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a journalism degree, has also worked as marketing director for the 1995 U.S. Olympic Festival in Denver, associate publisher and advertising director for the "Business Journal of New Jersey," vice president of marketing for the Philadelphia Zoo and New Jersey State Aquarium and director of information services for the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.

"We're so grateful for this opportunity, and we hope to be able to contribute back to the community," said Lynette. "Our goal is to make Cassville as good as it wants to be. We'll be looking at good healthy growth, not just growth for growth's sake."

After living in five different states during her lifetime, Lynette said she has never discovered a town or city that has "made it" or is done growing.

"You never get there," said Lynette. "All you can do is keep running toward the goal. There will always be some city ahead of us but hopefully there will be more and more behind us."

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