First Street project to finish up early

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cassville city aldermen received a progress report on the First Street improvement project during Monday night's council meeting.

Roger Berg, with Scott Engineering, attended the meeting and had good news for the council. He said the First Street project was progressing two weeks ahead of schedule. Originally slated for completion on Nov. 15, Berg now expects the work to be done by this Friday, Oct. 31.

On Wednesday, crews will be doing final patching prepping with the final asphalt overlay completed on Thursday and Friday.

Berg also informed the council that about $20,000 in additional costs had been incurred during the project. These cost increases are associated with extra milling work that had to be done to make the road consistent.

"We had to mill out and dig up extra areas that didn't fit very well," said City Administrator Mike Hayslip. "We had to do an extensive amount of road remodeling at the entrance to the (Hillcrest) apartments. We had to take 90 extra feet of pavement there. Another area where we milled out pavement was at Rainbow Drive."

According to Berg, all the millings have been saved and can be recycled for use on other city projects.

In connection with the First Street project, the council approved a speed limit change on First Street. The speed limit will be raised from 25 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour and the stop signs at Rainbow Drive intersection will be removed.

City Administrator Mike Hayslip said he would also be asking city police officers to closely enforce the new speed limit.

In other business, the council:

* Approved two sets of bills totalling $54,345.48.

* Adopted an ordinance that amends the city's utility policy to include a theft identity program. The amendment was required by the state for any municipality that accepts utility payments. The policy protects utility customers from identity theft. "We already do almost everything in this ordinance," said City Clerk Kelly Paul. "It's really just a formality."

* Approved a $2,200 change order with Hutchens Construction on the First Street project to include new striping on the roadway.

* Heard an administrator's report presented by Hayslip. He reported that October sales tax revenue was up 1 percent for the month and 2.5 percent year to date. City Finance Officer Darelyn Cooper is currently preparing the 2009 budget, which Hayslip describes as "conservative." The city will be basing its revenue projections on this year's sales tax total. "We are planning on keeping sales tax projections flat," said Hayslip.

* Received a report from Mayor Holle about citizens' concerns that certain pieces of property in the city are not being maintained properly. The mayor explained that Cassville Code Enforcement Officer Danny Boyd has been busy issuing warnings to owners of problem properties. Owners have 10 days to respond. Holle explained that the city was only able to enforce nuisance ordinances in the cases where citizen safety or security is threatened. "The process of enforcing the nuisance ordinance is more involved than most people know," said Holle. "But we're working on this issue."

* Discussed a request by Alderman Pete Landstad to place pictures of city employees and elected officials on the wall in the lobby of City Hall.

* Opted to cancel the council's Nov. 3 meeting. The next city council meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 17.

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