Letter to the Editor

Reader appreciates quality of newspaper

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Editor:

We have been away all summer and we want to react to your recent newspaper issues. The Progress Issue was masterfully done with great local business stories and accompanying pictures. The layouts were very creative and we felt like we knew the community even though we don't live there. But, because we've visited often through the years as Lisa's parents, we feel we know all about the town. It must have been a huge undertaking, and the quality of work shows. Well done.

Also, your editorial about the financial crunch we're in was especially sweet to our ears. After all your "young" years, you are admitting you have to watch how you spend your money and to save as much as you can. All the parents of your generation are clapping, we're sure, when you realized this.

We worked so hard to instill in all of you how to be financially frugal, setting an example for you in so many ways, such as saving the plastic bags that bread came in to line your rubber boots when the snow suddenly came. This one episode is just the beginning of many stories you can tell about your parents "frugality" and many of these could be humorous.

There is always a need for humor especially in this particular hard time in our lives. Keep up the fabulous job you do.


Pat and Hugh Neilson

St. Louis, Missouri