Work continues on R-IV School District's fieldhouse project

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Work continues on the Cassville R-IV School District's new fieldhouse, which is being built at the southeast corner of the Cassville High School football stadium below the elementary playground.

"They just finished putting the steel framework in the walls and in the roof," said Superintendent Jim Orrell. "(On Oct. 21), they poured the concrete for the floor for the second story locker room and meeting room.

"The next step will be to get the metal sheeting on the sides," said Orrell. "They also have some block work to do on the second story walls and some block work to do on the inside of the building."

Work is being completed by Wehr Construction, LLC, which was awarded the bid for the project last summer. The total project cost for the 13,000-square-foot facility is $1,152,000. The Cassville School Board budgeted $1,300,000 for the fieldhouse project.

"The contract had a 240-day work schedule and they started in June or July," said Orrell. "We expect the project to be completed in February or March, so we are still around four months away.

"With the winter weather coming, we hope they are able to get the sheeting on the exterior within the next two or three weeks," said Orrell. "We don't think the weather will play a part in completing the building."

When the fieldhouse project is completed, the new multipurpose facility will offer upstairs and downstairs locker rooms, offices, a physical therapy room, a meeting room, storage space and a large, open practice area.

"When we started the project, we knew that we wouldn't have it done in time for football season but we do plan to have some middle school weight training and elementary classes in the building this school year," said Orrell. "We also hope to have it ready for the start of track season."

The old fieldhouse will be used by Cassville Middle School students and as a locker room for visiting teams after the new facility is finished.

"At some point in the spring or summer, we will start working on a parking lot for the new fieldhouse," said Orrell. "That was not part of the beginning project."

The fieldhouse project is currently under budget. Orrell said that no change orders have been requested or approved for the project since it began in the summer.

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