E-911 Board tables payment request

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Barry County E-911 Emergency Services Board tabled a request for the final payment for the E-911 Operations Center building project at its regularly scheduled meeting on Oct. 27.

"Dalton-Killinger has delivered the correct ceiling tiles and repaired the leak in my ceiling," said Pat Leighter, Barry County E-911 director. "I have received change order #6, reflecting the deduct, along with pay application #9 and the roof warranty."

The Emergency Services Board currently owes Dalton-Killinger $151,893.70. The final amount reflects a deduction for the number of days that the project went over the contracted work schedule.

The final payment was being held until the company repaired the roof and a transfer switch and delivered several roof tiles to the operations center.

"The roof warranty only covers materials and not installation," said Leighter. "I feel Dalton-Killinger has completed its obligation at this point."

Board member Ron Shook pointed out that Dalton-Killinger has not presented the board with a bond that will act as a warranty if E-911 experiences issues with the thermal heat pump system that was installed by a subcontractor.

"Dalton-Killinger was the primary contractor for the project and it is their responsibility to get the bond," said Shook.

"I agree that they should come up with a bond," said board member Bob Lombard.

Harold Schelin stated that the issue would be tabled and directed Leighter to contact Dalton-Killinger and request a bond to guarantee the heat pump system.

"We are caught up on mapping new construction," said Mike Phillips, Barry County E-911 GIS technician. "The sign crew is working in Shell Knob. They are about one-quarter way through that area.

"After they finish Shell Knob, they will begin working in Monett and then move to Wheaton, Washburn and Seligman," said Phillips. "We already have a list of signs that have been stolen. We will go back to those after we get the new ones up."

Phillips estimated that there are between 300 and 350 signs yet to be placed.

"We can now produce color maps of the county, which cost $10 each," said Phillips. "The maps are available for free to fire departments and other emergency personnel. We are working on increasing the size of the map books."

The current emergency service map books are too small to read and follow while driving a vehicle, said Phillips. Sheriff Mick Epperly, who is also a board member, suggested Phillips create different map books for various sections of the county.

Lombard stated that several area fire departments continue to experience issues related to the E-911 radio system.

"Smith Two Way Radios has been working on an enhancement for our E-911 radio system that will improve coverage for the fire departments," said Leighter. "I spoke with him today and he said he will be e-mailing me his proposal tomorrow or the next day."

Leighter said her goal is to place the fire departments on either a north channel or a south channel for easier monitoring. Repeaters will be installed in Wheaton and other areas to improve radio service.

"My goal is to provide the best possible coverage for the fire departments," said Leighter.

In other business, the Barry County E-911 Emergency Services Board:

* Directed David Cole, board attorney, to write a policy regarding the release of address conversion charts to financial institutions.

* Discussed holding a special meeting on Nov. 10 to swear in new board members and discuss Smith Two Way Radio's proposal.

* Heard the financial report.

* Received dispatching statistics from August and September. Over 10,000 calls were processed through the E-911 Center both months.

* Approved a policy that states road and street names will not be changed for three years. After the three-year period, road name change petitions that meet requirements set by E-911 mapping and addressing will be accepted and processed according to policy.

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