Area schools will soon be seeing red

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Barry County students will take a stand against drugs by participating in a variety of Red Ribbon Week activities over the next two weeks.

National Red Ribbon Week, which will be held Oct. 23 through Oct. 31, was established in memory of Enrique "Kiki Camerena, a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent who was kidnapped, tortured and killed by drug traffickers in Mexico. Students participating in Red Ribbon activities are reminded to take a stand against illegal drugs, as Camerena did.


Cassville High School will begin celebrating Red Ribbon Week on Oct. 20. Next Monday, students will plant 100 red tulips at the high school. The project is sponsored by Cassville Community 2000 and the Youth Advisory Board.

"The Youth Advisory Board, SAD and FFA members will be planting the tulips by the flag poles after school," said Michele Holenda, Community 2000 assistant project director. "The students will then care for the bulbs throughout the winter and they should bloom in April, which is Alcohol Awareness Month."

Planter tags will be placed near the area where the red tulips will be planted. The tags will include information about the project, said Holenda.

The Youth Advisory Board is also designing special Red Ribbon Week posters. Board members will visit local businesses in Cassville on Tuesday, Oct. 21 and ask for permission to hang the signs in store and office windows.

During Red Ribbon Week, Cassville High School students will participate in a variety of spirit week activities. Students will also receive a drug fact of the day each morning and red ribbons will be distributed throughout the week.

On Oct. 30, a special Red Ribbon Week event will be held at the Cassville Football Stadium before the home football game. A red ribbon will be placed around the field and students will release 200 red helium-filled balloons while reciting a pledge to be drug-free.

Cassville Intermediate School students will participate in a Red Ribbon Week program in front of the Barry County Courthouse on Tuesday, Oct. 28. Students will march from the school to the Cassville square at around 9:15 a.m.

Cassville Mayor Tracy Holle will address the students during the assembly. The Cassville High School color guard and middle school cheerleaders and band members will also participate in the event, which will include Red Ribbon Week essays written by intermediate school students.

Cassville Intermediate School's spirit week theme will be "choices count." On Monday, Oct. 27, students will serve as "deputies against drugs" by wearing self designed badges. Students will wear red for the Red Ribbon Week parade on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, students will "sock it to drugs" by wearing crazy or mismatched socks, and on Thursday, students will say "hats off to good choices" by wearing hats to school. The young Wildcats will "roar against drugs" on Friday by wearing black and gold.

Cassville Primary School will kick off Red Ribbon Week by saying "hats off to drugs" on Monday. Students will show that drugs don't slip them up by wearing slippers on Tuesday. On Wednesday, students will wear red for Red Ribbon Day, and on Thursday, the kids will "team up against drugs" by wearing team shirts.

The primary school class that shows the most spirit throughout Red Ribbon Week will be rewarded with a banana split party on Friday.

Cassville Middle School will host a Red Ribbon Week door decorating contest, which will be judged by parents who attend parent-teacher conferences at the school. The winning classroom will receive a party.

Middle school students will also participate in spirit week activities. On Monday, the kids will "give the drugs a slip" when they wear slippers, and on Tuesday, they will "sock it to drugs" by wearing crazy socks.

Students will help "tie drugs down" by wearing neck ties on Wednesday, and "shade out drugs" when they wear sunglasses on Thursday. On Friday, students will "turn their backs on drugs" by wearing their clothes inside out. The driving while intoxicated simulation vehicle will also visit the school on Friday.

The Cassville Middle School Student Council will host a Red Ribbon Week food drive in honor of the drug-free celebration. Students are encouraged to bring red foods or foods in red packages to the middle school throughout the week.


Red Ribbon Week activities are scheduled to be held from Oct. 27 through Oct. 31 at the Southwest R-V School District.

Red ribbons will be distributed to students on Monday, and Red Ribbon Week assemblies will be held in the middle school gymnasium on Friday. The assemblies will include performances by the Cassville Martial Arts Center and spirit week slide shows.

Southwest CO-ED (Coalition of Excellent Decision Makers) will also host a Red Ribbon Week poster design contest. The winning poster will be used as the organization's logo and published in several advertisements.

Teachers are encouraged to integrate drug and alcohol resistance lessons into each school subject throughout Red Ribbon Week.


Wheaton's Red Ribbon Week theme will be "Believe, achieve, succeed drug-free." Students will receive red ribbons to wear throughout the week.

Counselors will visit classrooms to present information on alcohol and drug resistance. Elementary students will also receive Red Ribbon Week pencils.

The elementary will conclude its Red Ribbon Week activities with the annual Fall Festival Costume Parade on Oct. 31.


The Purdy School District has selected "Tune out drugs" as its Red Ribbon Week theme. Students will celebrate with spirit week activities and special drug resistance education assemblies.

On Monday, students will show that "a champion can win without drugs" by wearing hats and shirts from their favorite sports teams. Tuesday will be decade day and students will show that they are "making history by being drug-free."

Students will dress for success to symbolize a positive future without drugs on Wednesday, and wear red to show their "desire to be drug-free" on Thursday.


The Exeter School District will reward students who wear their red ribbons each day by holding drawings for prizes in each classroom during Red Ribbon Week. A boy and a girl from each class will also be rewarded for participating in the district's spirit week activities.

On Monday, students are encouraged to wear red, white and blue to symbolize a "drug-free America." Students will say "hats off to being drug-free" on Tuesday when they wear a crazy red hat.

Students will "pledge to be drug-free" by making banners and signing pledge cards on Wednesday, and show that "winners don't do drugs" by wearing athletic clothing on Thursday.

A Red Ribbon Week assembly will be held on Friday, Oct. 31. Students are encouraged to wear a Halloween costume or red on Friday.

Shell Knob

Shell Knob students will also celebrate Red Ribbon Week with spirit activities. An assembly and balloon release will be held at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 21.

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