Letter to the Editor

Character should be considered in voting

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Editor:

I think that most people consider this to be an election of epic importance. With that in mind, I cannot understand those who say that character is of no importance in the leader of the United States.

Over and over when questions are raised as to the associations of Barack Obama, there is a hue and cry that it is an attack on character. First of all, when something is true, it is not an attack but critical information. How can one say that character is of no import? One could reasonably assume that a person of high moral character would only act in the best interests of our country. By the same token, associations with people who act against our country would make suspect the future actions of that person if he were to be elected as president. How can anyone argue otherwise?

Character should be the number one issue of any candidate for any elected position. This country was founded by people who wanted less government intervention in their personal lives. Now it seems that many are willing to cast a vote based on what someone promises that the "government" can give them.

The government has nothing to give. They have your own money, which they receive by taxing each and every one of us in one form or other. Government cannot give you anything. I cannot believe that anyone does not recognize that they badly mishandle what money they receive.

It seems that many people are not planning to vote for Obama, but against the Republican party. This is action without thought. Barack Obama has literally no accomplishments in his political career. He is associated with the most extreme of the liberals, those who hate the United States, and those who forwarded the policies, which encouraged banks to lend to those who could never repay the loans. Though there is blame in both parties for the Fanny, Freddie and bank crises, it was primarily a plan devised by these extreme liberal organizations and politicians.

How can people not notice that Obama only disassociates himself from radical groups or organizations when he is called out on the subject? And in some cases not even then. He sometimes just tries to downplay the issue. How many of you who support him have checked out the website of his former church? I have. He did not attend that church for 20 years and not know that it was anti American.

I have heard people say that they support Obama when I know full well that they are not in favor of gun control, abortion, higher taxes, handouts to pretty much anyone and government intervention in their lives. Yet this is Obama's plan of action.

So I ask, where are the people who believe in keeping government out of their lives? People who will tough it out during hard times and hold their elected officials accountable for their action or inaction. Instead of asking for a handout from the government, demand that the government practice what some of us do; live within our means.

An emotional reaction to an economic crises may very well be catastrophic.


Kathy Casey

Exeter, Missouri