Point South releases new album

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Local southern rock band Point South released its first full-length album this year. The album includes a dozen new original songs and the hit "Sweet Angel Eyes," which appeared on the band's original five-track demo. In addition to concentrating on creating new music, Point South added a new band member this year. Eli Stehlik, of Cassville, joined the group around eight months ago. The Point South band members are pictured above. From left, are: Paul Pyles, Gary Mitchell, Jeff Luney, Cody Ennis, Aaron Ennis and Stehlik.

Point South's music career reached a new level this year. In late summer, the local southern rock band released its first full-length album, which features over a dozen original songs.

"This album is a big step up from our first demo," said Cody Ennis, vocals and harmonica. "Most of the songs were inspired by life experiences. I think that's one of the things that makes people get in touch with our music. People understand and identify with the things that we're talking about."

Point South spent the last couple of years writing the songs that are included on the new album. In December of 2007, the group members headed into the recording studio to complete the album that was released around two months ago.

"The album has more songs, and the lyrics are more indepth," said Jeff Luney, lead guitar and vocals. "It was inspired by what's happened over the past four years that we have been a band."

The new album includes a dozen new songs and "Sweet Angel Eyes" from the band's original demo. Other songs included on the newly released album are: "Sweet Missouri," "The Outlaw," "The Gamblin' Man," "Lilly" and "Johnny."

In addition to releasing the new album, Point South added a sixth band member this year. Eli Stehlik, of Cassville, joined the group around eight months ago.

"We had played shows with Eli's former band and we were pretty good buddies," said Cody. "He plays the telecaster, which adds a country twang to our southern rock sound. He is a good songwriter, and he adds another personality to the band."

Point South newcomer Eli and original band members Cody and Jeff, are joined by Cody's younger brother, Aaron Ennis, vocals, guitar and harmonica, Gary Mitchell, bass guitar, and Paul Pyles, drums and percussion. Paul is also a founding member of the group.

"Over the last four years, we've learned not to take each other and what each of us bring to the table for granted," said Cody. "We are a tight band. We have our scuffles, and they can be good ones, but we know that it doesn't work with even just one of us gone."

The band members' strong personalities and the comradery of the group are both evident on the band's new album. With Aaron leading the band's songwriting sessions and all members adding ideas to the new tracks, the music can be credited to the entire band.

"Eli's mind and Aaron's songwriting mesh well together and they are able to write some really good songs very quickly," said Cody. "Aaron has wrote a couple of other new songs that we are working on now."

Although each Point South band member plays an intricate part in the band, Cody credits Paul with being the foundation from which the group was built. In fact, the band was founded during an impromptu practice session between Paul, Cody and Jeff.

"Paul is the backbone of the band," said Cody. "You always hear people say that the percussionist is the backbone, but Paul offers more than just his drumming ability. He has a high energy personality, and you can tell that he really enjoys what he is doing on stage."

The drive to succeed in their musical career and the the passion to create a sound that is original and unique has earned Point South a large fan base locally and on several midwest Internet-based radio stations. Over the last four years, the band has performed with musical artists Reckless Kelly, Micky and the Motorcars, Charlie Horse and the John D. Hale Band.

"We're taking a break from playing shows right now and working on new music," said Cody. "We plan to start hitting it hard again this coming summer."

Point South will continue to perform at several local venues over the next few months. Upcoming events include the Jersey's Sports Bar and Grill's Halloween Party at the end of October and a show at Pat's Bar and Grill, formerly known as Deuce of Diamonds, at the end of November.

Over the last four years, the band has received continued support from Mike Carr, Tanny Lehman, Cindy Carr, family and friends.

"We especially appreciate all of our loyal fans who show up for every one of our shows," said Cody, "and JT Money for his mad dancing ability."

The band is searching for a sound technician interested in traveling with the group next year and a booking agent to help schedule shows when the band begins touring again next summer.

Point South also continuously searches for new sponsors to subsidize the group's budget, which is primarily funded by the band members.

Fans can support Point South by purchasing the band's new album, which can be found at Fastrip or The Computer Shoppe in Cassville. CDs are also available through any of the band members.

"We are working on new logos for T-shirts and later we will have stands wherever we play to sell T-shirts and CDs," said Cody.

All Point South band members are graduates of Barry County schools. Cody, Aaron, Gary and Paul graduated from Exeter, and Jeff and Eli graduated from Cassville.

Fans can learn more about Point South and hear sample songs from the new album at myspace.com/pointsouth.

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