Purdy council discusses school bus parking issue

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Purdy City Council discussed a school bus parking issue at a special meeting on Sept. 11.

Jerry Lingo, Purdy School District superintendent, Randy Henderson, school board president, and Jeff Swadley, elementary school principal, attended the meeting to discuss the issue that was brought to the council's attention through a police department report that was submitted during the Sept. 8 council meeting.

The aldermen and school officials discussed bus parking at the school that blocks the west side of Gabby Gibbons Drive before and after school while buses are loading and unloading students.

Lingo stated that the buses are now being parked in a single line on the west side of Gabby Gibbons, and children are picked up and dropped off by parents on the east side of Gabby Gibbons. The school officials said that they hoped that this new procedure will ensure student safety and help the loading and unloading process run more smoothly.

The discussion between the aldermen and school officials also addressed speeding around the school on Gabby Gibbons Drive. The council decided to place more speed limit signs and speed bumps on the street and remove the one-way sign.

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