Museum reps address council

Thursday, September 18, 2008

On Monday night, Darrell Ledenham and Ron Black, both members of the Barry County Museum Board, addressed city council members about the museum and items donated to the museum by the Cassville Sesquicentennial Committee.

Black opened the presentation by inviting the mayor and aldermen to visit the museum, which opened last October at its location on Highway 112.

"We'd like to offer an invitation to all of you to come to the museum and observe what's been accomplished there," said Black. "We're working to save a heritage that we all have a great appreciation for."

Ledenham informed the council of a recent decision made by members of the Cassville Sesquicentennial Committee, who include Jo Anne Ellis, Charli Jo Ledgerwood, Pat Chapman, Ledenham and Les Chapman, to give the copyright for the Sesquicentennial logo and all the remaining souvenir items to the Barry County Museum.

According to Ledenham, the city had been storing the gift items for the Committee and now they would like for the museum to sell the items at their gift shop. He also asked that the historic replica cannon, which was purchased by the Sesquicentennial Comm-ittee, also be moved to the museum from City Hall. Currently, the cannon is being kept in the back of the courtroom.

Ledenham also asked about the status of a Sesquicentennial Fund, which he said contained earmarked funds raised by the Sesquicentennial.

"The city was holding it in a special account for future events," said Ledenham, who estimates that the account should contain approximately $9,700.

City officials said they did not know about the account and did not know whether or not the city was still storing the Sesquicentennial items. Ledenham said the fund was established in 1995 when Greg Beavers was serving as city administrator and Vickie McCune was serving as city clerk.

"We need to check into this," said Mayor Tracy Holle.

Both City Administrator Mike Hayslip and City Clerk Kelly Paul said that there is no Sesquicentennial Fund currently being maintained by the city.

"I guess I'd like to know where that money went to," said Ledenham.

City officials said they would look into the matter and report back to Ledenham.

In other business, the council:

* Paid bills totalling $72,114.37.

* Approved a $4,349 purchase order to buy 1,000 gallons of aviation fuel from Northwest Oil for the Cassville Municipal Airport.

* Appointed Sue Brattin to serve on the city's Planning and Zoning Commission, Dennis Baker to serve on the city's Airport Board and Terry Heinz to serve on the city's Parks Board. Brattin's appointment will run through April 7, 2009, and Baker's and Heinz's appointments will run through April 6, 2010.

* Tabled a 2008 budget adjustment.

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