Letter to the Editor

Reader responds to straight Talk column

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dear Editor:

Below is a response to Representative Sater's "Capitol Straight Talk."

Mr. Sater I disagree with your comments:

QUOTE: "I am always open to a good discussion on environmental issues such as this and land use of private individuals, but I do not agree with judicial legislation that affects thousands of landowners all around the state."

Sir, this is not about a chit chat, (good discussion); this is people's lives. Sir, there are thousands more landowners that are affected by the actions of the CAFOs all around the state, then the other way around. Are these landowners not as important as the ones that have CAFOs?

When our water is contaminated and our air smells to high heaven, where are our landowner rights? Where are the rights of the tourist that come to enjoy our area?

Sir, if we cannot depend on a director of nature resources to protect our own lands and the parks and historical sites in Missouri nor county government or the Missouri's senators and representatives, can't or won't protect us, what else is there but the courts?


Beverly Sweeney

Eagle Rock, Missouri