Old photos help update facility

Thursday, September 18, 2008

As part of its facility-wide renovation project, the Barry County Care Center has redecorated the men's wing with a collection of historic Barry County photographs.

"We worked within our budget by putting on a fresh coat of paint and working with things that we already had, but using them in a different way," said Amy Patillo, Barry County Care Center administrator. "We put it together piece by piece, and it turned out better than I have ever imagined."

Prior to the renovation project, the historic photos were distributed throughout the facility. John Aplin, Barry County Care Center maintenance director, who spearheaded the renovation project, suggested the photos be placed together in the men's wing of the facility.

"A previous administrator received the photos from Max Fields," said Aplin. "The men have always been interested in the photos so we decided to use them to decorate their hallway. Other halls will be decorated with sports memorabilia and old movie posters from the 1940s and 1950s."

The photos that are displayed in the men's hallway depict some of the buildings that once stood in and around Cassville. The collection includes the following photos: First National Bank; the Barry County Courthouse; Koon Funeral Home; Thompson's Tackle Shop; Dixel Station; Moudy Brothers Radio and TV Service; Crowe's Roost Cafe; Ozark Movie Theater; Miller Drug Store; and the Barry County Hospital.

Barry County Care Center resident Mark Parkhurst assisted Aplin in identifying the photos that have been placed in the men's hallway.

"Mark has lived in Cassville all his life," said Patillo. "Between John and Mark we have been able to collect information on all of the photos except the train depot. We aren't sure where it was located."

Barry County Care Center is also redecorating the women's hallway using replica paintings of women dressed in Victorian attire. The hallway will feature collections of old-fashioned shoes, hats, purses and other accessories.

In addition to redecorating the hallways, Barry County Care Center has developed a new mapping system that will link resident's chart colors to the name of the hallway where they reside. This portion of the project was developed from a suggestion administrators received from Dr. Tom Harris, of Cox Health Center Cassville.

"The men's hallway has been named Strawberry Fields," said Patillo. "The women's hallway will be called the Blue Lagoon. All of the hallway names were submitted by the staff and voted on."

Other hallways have been named Sunshine Alley and Green Acres. Resident charts will be color coordinated to match the colors suggested by the hallway names. This system will assist physicians in locating residents. Hallway shower rooms will also be decorated to match the names.

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