JV Wildcats fall to Mt. Vernon Mountaineers

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Last week, the Wildcat junior varsity football team suffered a loss to the Mt. Vernon Mountaineers.

The game started off close with a scoreless first quarter. By the end of the second quarter, Mt. Vernon had managed to connect on two very long passing plays, which resulted in touchdowns for the Mountaineers, giving them the 14-0 advantage going into halftime.

The Wildcats then began the third quarter with a spectacular kick-off return that resulted in a 94-yard touchdown run. Unfortunately, the Wildcats were unable to gain the extra point, leaving the score at 14-6.

Just when it looked like the Wildcats might be able to turn the tide in their favor, Mt. Vernon came back with two scores in the third quarter that made it a 26-6 game.The Wildcats turned up the heat again, making a large defensive play as Larry Franklin caused a fumble that was picked up by Zach Vititoe who ran it in for a touchdown. Cassville then got a two-point conversion to reduce the Mountaineers' lead to 26-14.

On Cassville's next possession, Vititoe was able to score another Cassville touchdown, and Bo Blisard and Seth Myers were then able to connect for their second twopoint conversion to bring the Wildcats within two at 26-22.

Mt. Vernon solidified its win in the fourth quarter, as the Mountaineers were able to score off of two long runs and an interception that was returned for a score to finish the game at 46-22.

With such a hard fought game resulting in a loss, the JV Wildcats will be looking to regain some ground as they prepare for the rest of their season.

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