New principal hopes to boost SW school spirit

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brad Clark, Southwest High School's new principal, plans to promote positive behavior and exceptional academics by boosting the student body's school spirit.

"I hope to increase school and town pride by bringing motivational speakers to the students and community," said Clark. "I also want to help the school see higher academic achievements.

"We increased our MAP scores last year, but we want to see higher ACT scores also," said Clark. "I also want to help support the A+ program, which is in its early stages right now."

Clark has earned a bachelor of science degree in education from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kan. After completing the undergraduate program, Clark began his education career at the Breckinridge School District.

Since then, Clark has coached middle and high school sports for around 15 years and served as a teacher for around eight years. He also has three years of experience as an athletic director.

Throughout his career, Clark has also received masters of science degrees in elementary administration and secondary administration and a specialist degree in administration from William Woods University in Fulton.

Prior to joining the Southwest R-V School District, Clark served as a principal in the Avilla School District for one year.

"I met the superintendent (Doug Lawyer) previously and knew he was someone who I would like to work for," said Clark. "When this position came available, I came down for an interview and to see the facility. The district has a great facility here."

Clark said that he was also attracted by the experience of the R-V School District's administrative team and faculty members.

"The other two principals have a lot of experience and a great work ethic," said Clark. "They have been good mentors for me.

"The district also has a very experienced staff," said Clark. "They are very open to change and want there to be betterment throughout the district."

With the help of his fellow administrators and the district's faculty and staff, Clark hopes to boost school spirit throughout Southwest High School.

"I hope I can bring discipline, organization and energy to the district through motivational assemblies and interacting with students and encouraging staff members to interact with students also," said Clark. "School pride brings out better academics and sports involvement. We really want to try to get the kids more involved in extracurricular activities."

Clark is currently completing his doctorate degree through Lindenwood University in St. Charles. He should graduate from this administrative program in around a year.

Clark lives in Carthage with his wife, Jackie, and his children, Megan, Kade, Tucker and Breckin.

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