Tax sale grosses over $71,000

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Over 64 parcels of land were sold during the 2008 Barry County tax sale, which was held in the Barry County Courthouse on Aug. 25. Properties on which taxes had not been paid for at least two years were offered during the sale.

According to Missouri law, counties are required to conduct tax sales on the fourth Monday in August each year. Properties can be auctioned after real estate taxes have been delinquent for one year.

Barry County's 2008 tax sale grossed $71,548.57 of which $34,563.43 will be applied to back taxes owed on the 64 parcels of land that were sold to the highest bidders. The remaining $36,985.14 will be held in the county's over-plus account.

In March, Barry County started with 432 properties on its tax sale list but many landowners paid the back taxes prior to the August tax sale.

Tax sale bids were down this year when compared to the $203,575.49 that the county grossed on 67 parcels of land last year. Of the total amount of money grossed in 2007, $37,782.73 was applied to back taxes.

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