County health board accepts local bid to repair building

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees accepted a building repair bid for the department's Monett office at its meeting on Aug. 25.

The board received a $65,500 bid from Lacey Brothers Construction, of Springfield, which would be working on a 90-day schedule. A $65,738 bid with a 50-day work schedule was submitted by Bud Lowe Construction, of Cassville.

Other bids received included: a $76,000 bid from Wehr Construction and a $160,800 bid from Joe Killian Contractors and A/E Solutions, of Springfield.

The project includes plans to dig out the crawl space beneath the Monett facility and reinforce the office structure with floor joists. The work must be completed so that the building meets Monett's building codes.

The repairs will be funded by a portion of a $121,000 grant that the department received from the Missouri Foundation for Health last year.

Richard Werner, of Werner and Associates, of Springfield, recommended the board view Lowe's bid as the low bid due to the shorter work day schedule.

"Bud employs Barry County residents, which means the money we spend will go back into the county," said John Starchman, board president.

The board approved the bid from Bud Lowe Construction for the repair project.

In new business, the health department reviewed a variance request submitted by John Mills, who lives near Shoal Creek. Mills was approved for system replacement assistance through the Shoal Creek Watershed Improvement Group, (SCWIG) which received grant funding through the Environmental Protection Agency and the Southwest Missouri Water Quality Improvement Program last year.

Through the SCWIG program, Mills will be responsible for 10 percent of the septic system replacement costs. Grant funds will cover 90 percent of the costs associated with replacing the system.

Mills asked the board to grant a variance that will allow him to install his replacement system 55 feet from his property's well head. The county's ordinance requires septic systems be placed 100 feet from well heads.

Stephanie Shaw, environmental public health specialist, recommended the board approve the variance because Mills' well is located uphill from where the system will be installed. Shaw also recommended the variance include a requirement that Mills place a protection system between the septic system and electrical lines on the property.

"We asked the state health department to look at the variance request, and they didn't see a problem with granting it," said Kathleen King, health department administrator. "They don't think the system will contaminate the well or negatively impact public health in anyway."

The board approved the variance request, allowing Mills to move forward with the septic system replacement process.

In other business, the Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees:

* Approved the revised Barry County Food Service Sanitation Ordinance.

* Set the health department tax rate, which will remain the same as last year.

* Heard that a local nursing student will intern at the health department for 10 weeks during the fall semester.

* Heard that King has ordered a generator for the Cassville facility with emergency planning funds.

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