Hospital food drive contest helps feed the hungry

Thursday, August 21, 2008
St. John's Hospital-Cassville staff members collected over 4,500 pounds of food during a six-week food drive contest that was held at the Cassville and Aurora hospitals this year. The Cassville staff donated over 1,300 pounds of food to the First Baptist Church in Cassville and nearly 3,200 pounds of food to the Cassville United Methodist Church Food Pantry. Pictured above, from left, are: hospital staff members Jeffrey Spooner, Ty Miller, Jessica Quick, Susan Raucstadt, Deanna Dickinson and Larry Gold. Democrat Photo

St. John's Hospital-Cassville employees have participated in a food drive competition over the last six weeks. Staff members competed against each other and employees at St. John's Hospital-Aurora.

"We assigned employees to teams and each team was asked to bring in food items," said Susan Raucstadt, who coordinated the competition at the local hospital. "The teams were competing for a free lunch."

Although it was very close, Team D, which included the dietary, radiology and respiratory departments, edged out Team F members from therapy, purchasing, medical records, business and accounting departments to win the competition at St. John's Hospital-Cassville.

Team D collected 1,671 pounds of food, and Team F collected 1,457.5 pounds of food during the competition.

Other team totals included: Team A, medical and surgery, 344 pounds; Team C, emergency room, 148 pounds; Team E, pharmacy, laboratory, cardiac rehab, pastoral care, foot and wound, maintenance and environmental services, 400 pounds; and Team G, swingbed, administration, admissions, outpatient, education, marketing, quality and human resources and social services, 505.5 pounds.

Overall, the local hospital collected 4,503 pounds of food, which was donated to the First Baptist Church in Cassville and the Cassville United Methodist Church Food Pantry.

"We donated the food we collected the first week to the First Baptist Church," said Raucstadt. "They received 1,314 pounds of food.

"St. John's Hospital donated 20 cents for each pound of food that we collected," said Raucstadt, "so they also received $262.80."

The remainder of the 3,189 pounds of food collected was donated to the Cassville United Methodist Church, which also received $637.80.

"Times are rough for many who struggle with poverty in Barry County," said Janet Mills, Cassville United Methodist Church Food Pantry coordinator. "There seems to be an ever-growing demand for food and the pressure is on to assist community members with problems feeding their families.

"Thank you for caring and for making a difference," said Mills. "As is demonstrated in your motivated gestures of giving, you have all shown that you recognize how important it is to fight hunger in our local community."

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