Seligman receives $10,000 grant

Thursday, August 21, 2008
Seligman resident, Brenda McKinney, who is employed as a buyer in Wal-Mart's infant and toddler department, presents Seligman Mayor Duane Corn with a check for $10,363. McKinney was the facilitator between Seligman and the Wal-Mart Home Office Local Choice Grant program. This grant will be used to assist the Seligman Library/GED program, to purchase playground equipment, to help fund youth night food and programming and support a summer job program for parks maintenance and upkeep. McKinney said this grant was an example of what Wal-Mart can do for local communities and their parks and recreation departments. "It's all about the kids," McKinney said.

On Aug. 11, the Seligman City Council heard that the city has received $10,363 through Wal-Mart's Local Choice Grant program.

The grant, which was facilitated by Seligman resident and Wal-Mart employee Brenda McKinney, will benefit the Seligman Library's GED program, youth night and a summer job program for park maintenance. The money will also be used to purchase playground equipment for the city parks.

During the meeting, the council also reviewed the monthly departmental reports.

The July police report, which showed 33 speeding and equipment citations, five failure to register citations, one driving without a valid license citation, one no proof of insurance citation, 11 speeding and equipment warnings, one driving while intoxicated arrest, one warrant arrest, two child endangerment charges and one felony assault arrest.

The aldermen voted to increase the mileage allowed for warrant pick ups. Officers will be allowed to drive 75 miles to pick up an individual. Distances over 75 miles will require special permission from Mayor Duane Corn or the council.

After the aldermen reviewed the July maintenance report and the water and sewer operator's notes, Corn reported that the pump at city well #4 was hit by lightning but is now back on-line. The city will receive a part sometime this month to complete the pump repair.

Corn also stated that the city needs to repair a pump at one of the lift stations. In order to complete the repair, a city employee will be required to go down into the lift station to pull the pump out.

City employees are receiving refresher training on confined spaces from the Seligman Area Rural Fire Association, which is also examining the equipment the city employees will need to complete the task.

Firefighters will be standing by when the city employee goes down into the lift station.

In new business, the aldermen discussed the unsold lots in the Juel Subdivision, which are not being properly maintained.

Efforts to get the lots mowed and cleaned up have gone unanswered. City employees will be completing the maintenance work and a special tax bill will be placed on the lots.

In other business, the Seligman City Council:

* Reviewed the code enforcement report.

* Set the city tax rates, which will remain the same as last year.

* Discussed low-cost options that would allow the city to receive credit card payments for utility payments and court fines. The discussion will be continued at the September council meeting.

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