Letter to the Editor

No longer trapped on wrong side of lake

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Editor:

I have some more information to share with the residents of Barry County. There were five people trapped because of the high water levels on Table Rock Lake in Stone County, and the Stone County officials hauled in the necessary rock to get them out on approximately April 14. I was told it took 50 loads to get five people out. If you want to see what was done for these five people go down Highway H off of Highway 39 to Moonglow Road.

My last discussion with Barry County officials was that all is planned to do about our only road/bridge in/out of our neighborhood, which was underwater for four months, was to bring the approaches to the bridge up to the height of the bridge to the approximate elevation of 929, which is two feet under the top of the flood pool elevation (931) of Table Rock Lake.

My concern is if the Corps was to have to hold the lake level at 932 in the winter what will happen to the 47 residents of Big Bass Bend when we run out of propane over here? Plus the health risks involved in crossing the lake in frigid temperatures. It isn't like we can just go down to a slip and get into a boat and cross the lake without getting feet wet. The Lord has been with us for the last four months and no one died or needed ambulance or fire services. If anything was to happen it could be a huge liability on Barry County, because of neglecting what is known to be a problem.


Lonnie Vogt

Shell Knob, Missouri