Letter to the Editor

Local politics . . . do you really have a say?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Editor:

Are we really given a choice of who we elect on our county level? Most of you will say yes. However, many of you can say a resounding no. Have you placed a sign in your yard or other location? Have you been contacted by one of our current county officials? Were you informed that you perhaps are in error on whose sign you have? Do we no longer have a freedom of choice?

So what if the opposing candidate got a better spot than the "party's" chosen one. Isn't politics, after all, still just a popularity contest? Have we as a county body ever in recent years thought about what is best for us when choosing our governing body? Isn't it time we woke up? Talk to the candidates, ask questions, then make up your own mind.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal opened with "The 11th commandment of politics is that elected officials shall not take sides in their party primaries. Then again, Missouri Republicans are burdened with so many sins, what's one more?" Let's stop being led around and told what to do by our officials. Last I knew they were the civil servants, and we, the residents of the county, are the boss.

Make your choice for local county government on Aug. 5 based on your knowledge. Let's tell the powers in office we, not they, know what is best for Barry County. Let's elect our candidates, not have them handpicked for us.


Carol Ronsonette

Eagle Rock, Missouri