Purdy to pursue cell phone tower ordinance

Thursday, July 24, 2008

On June 9, the Purdy City Council authorized Don Trotter, city attorney, to write an ordinance to regulate cell phone tower placement within the Purdy city limits.

Discussion on a cell phone tower ordinance began earlier this year when the aldermen heard concerns about a communications tower that was reportedly contracted to be constructed near 37 Tire and Service Center in Purdy.

At the council's January meeting, the aldermen shared copies of a letter from Verizon stating that the company had decided not to construct the tower inside the Purdy city limits due to citizen concerns. Although citizens were pleased with Verizon's decision, they asked the aldermen to consider passing an ordinance to regulate future placement of communication towers inside the city limits.

The aldermen hope to review the proposed cell phone tower ordinance, which will be written by Trotter, at a meeting in the near future.

The council also voted to re-appoint five city employees during the June meeting. Employees who were re-appointed to their city positions include: Debbie Redshaw, city clerk; Jackie Lowe, police chief; Trotter; Mike Redshaw, emergency management director and building inspector; and Ken Real, city treasurer.

In new business, the council voted to amend the 2007-08 budget to reflect actual totals and reviewed and approved the 2008-09 fiscal year budget.

The aldermen also voted to opt out of the state-imposed sales tax holiday and continue the city's lease purchase agreement for the Purdy water tower.

In other business, the Purdy City Council:

* Voted to purchase a new mower deck for the city's Grasshopper lawn mower from Straights.

* Decided not to charge Windstream for damaging water lines when the company was installing new telephone cable after a tornado hit Purdy in May.

* Authorized Trotter to modify the city's nuisance ordinance to regulate burning and the curfew ordinance to include skateboarding regulations.

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