ACS offers free supplements

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Local cancer patients can receive free nutritional supplements from the American Cancer Society by visiting the Barry County Health Department offices in either Monett or Cassville.

When immune systems are weakened during cancer treatments, patients often need nutritional supplements to help ward off other serious infections. Eligible cancer patients may pick up these free supplements at the health department office closest to them.

In order to be eligible to receive free nutritional supplements, a cancer patient must meet the following guidelines:

* Patients must be a resident of Missouri.

* Patients must be receiving active cancer treatment. Support or maintenance therapy is not considered active treatment.

* Patients must be experiencing nutritional deficiencies related to cancer and cancer treatment side effects.

* The need for nutritional supplements must be verified by a dietician or physician.

* Patients must show that buying nutritional supplements would create a financial hardship on themselves or their families.

For more information on the nutritional supplement program, contact Carol Landstad at 847-2114 at the health department office in Cassville or Lisa Ginther at 417-354-8686 at the Monett health department office.

For information on other services available through the American Cancer Society, call Brooke Evans at 417-888-1800 or visit

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