Letter to the Editor

SK road issue needs to be addressed

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dear Editor:

Again, I apologize for sitting back and waiting for someone else to do something. Even in Shell Knob, few people realize the depth of this problem. Public opinion could insist more be accomplished than approach repair.

No homes are flooded, only the road, which is the sole access in and out. The road approach and bridge need to be built up to 936 elevation, even if it means relocating upstream. That is one foot above the top of the dam, and the "flood elevation" determined by the US Corps of Engineers that you cannot build below even if you own the land.

There is also an emergency route that could have been cleared and graded to 39-4 through only two property owners' property. It might be possible to route through Mark Twain National Forest, which is adjacent to the other two properties, though there is no existing road to my knowledge.

The number 42 is a Lonnie Vogt estimate of full-time residents affected. There are 68 livable residences in the subdivision, some of which are part time. This is an area that has been steadily improving and growing. There are new above-average homes as well as old fishing cabins. ALL pay Barry County taxes.

The ultimate responsibility is the Barry County Commission to maintain county roads. The main county road has been divided into as many as four sections, which could not be accessed to each other at the highest levels.

I do hope you will print Lonnie's letter to arouse public awareness. He has been the Lone Ranger, working unselfishly for the good of his neighbors.


Mary Richardson

Shell Knob, Missouri