Letter to the Editor

Local dog dumpers should be punished

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dear Editor:

Once again, someone who did not wish to be responsible, inconvenienced, or that just didn't care, gave their "problem" to someone else. They dumped a mother and four puppies on the side of the road and left them there.

When I found them, they looked to have been on their own several days, and were very, very hungry. They had obviously been around people and are very friendly and responsive. The mother looks to be pug, about 15-20 pounds, and the puppies are somewhat smaller now, and weaned. They're cute, smart and eager to please, and desperately in need of homes.

This has happened here several times before as I'm sure it has county wide. I wonder if God has something special waiting for people who would do such a thing. It's too bad you don't have to demonstrate some degree of responsibility before you can keep a pet or have children. Sadly there are too many of both who are unwanted and for whom nobody cares.


John Rehwinkle

Purdy, Missouri