Letter to the Editor

Students learn a lot more than fishing

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dear Editor:

When I opened the door to my classroom at Cassville High School in early June, there were worms all over the floor. Now I am not "creature" kind of person, but there were feathers on the desks and minnows in some of the chairs. As you have probably guessed, they were all "pretend," because Rick Lawson, Darren Rhea and Officer Jim Stepp were conducting a "Hooked on Fishing" class during the month of June.

Students have been so excited, and it has been wonderful to watch their enthusiasm. They have learned so much and have practiced respect for others and their property, respect for rules and laws, as well as a greater respect for nature. It is my understanding that Mr. Lawson, Mr. Rhea and Mr. Stepp have spent the entire month working with these young people without salaries and have personally financed many of the fishing supplies as well.

They probably won't be thrilled that I'm writing this, but I thought that members of our community should have an opportunity to thank them for the time and expertise they have shared with young people the next time you see them. I had gotten accustomed to the "creatures," but these young fishermen have now finished their class, cleaned the room and it looks like new. I miss the students but appreciate seeing great role models working with a group of young men who will never forget June of 2008.


Tyne Rabourn

Cassville, Missouri