Writing contest winner

Thursday, July 3, 2008

This piece of creative writing was written by Wyatt Varner, a sixth grade student at Southwest Middle School in Washburn. Wyatt was the winner in a writing contest, which was judged by local author Charlotte Carter. One of his prizes was publication in the Cassville Democrat.

A Day on the Farm

Once upon a time there was this guy named Jimmy. He owned land that was bigger than one billion acres. Jimmy lived in Missouri. On part of his land he put 400 dairy cows. On the other part of his land he put 100 beef cows. On a little part of his land he had 50 goats, and on the other part, he put 100 chickens. Jimmy is young and seven foot tall. He is very handsome. Every day before he goes out working, he lifts 10,000 pounds. Jimmy has green eyes and is very romantic. Jimmy drives a blue Dodge.

One day, as he is milking his dairy cows, he noticed that a cow is not giving milk. Jimmy stopped milking for a second and went over to the cow. The cow's name is Daisy. Jimmy touched the cow's utter and felt nothing in the cow's utter. Jimmy grabbed the cow's teats and squeezed, yet nothing came out.

Jimmy called the vet, Nick. Nick said, "I will be right over." As Jimmy is waiting, he herds Daisy into the corral. Then Jimmy finishes milking. When Jimmy was finished milking, Nick showed up. While Jimmy and Nick were checking out Daisy, Nick said, "Daisy has rotten milk in her teats, which is blocking milk from coming out."

So Nick told Jimmy he needed to give her some shots and the rotten milk will probably be gone. "Call me if things do not get better," replied Nick. "Okay," Jimmy said.

So the next day the first thing he did was feed the chickens. Then he fed the goats, then the beef cows. Then Jimmy went to go milk the dairy cows. He noticed that Daisy had a baby calf. Jimmy said, "Oh, so that is why she did not give any milk, so she could feed her baby calf."

So Jimmy tried to milk her again. Milk came out this time. Jimmy called Nick and said Daisy had a baby calf and she will give milk. Nick said Daisy was probably under stress with that baby in her stomach. From that day on, Daisy always gave milk after that small problem.

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