Chemical disposal site to be located at Barton's

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A household chemical waste disposal site will be opened at Barton's Lumber, which is located on Highway 39 in Shell Knob, on July 1.

A cargo container that will be placed at Barton's will serve as a site for year-round household chemical waste disposal. Chemical disposal fees will be paid by a District N Solid Waste Board grant.

The following household chemicals will be accepted at the disposal site: cleaners; furniture polish; drain opener; disinfectants; floor wax; antifreeze; brake fluid; batteries; degreaser; diesel fuel; kerosene; transmission fluid; old fuels; pesticides; fertilizers; oil-based paint; paint thinner; paint stripper; stain; varnish; wood preservatives; photography chemicals; swimming pool chemicals; smoke detectors; thermometers; Ni-cad batteries; boat and car batteries; and other household hazardous waste.

Latex paint will not be accepted at the site because it can be safely disposed of in a landfill by allowing it to dry out and solidify.

Area residents are asked to call Barton's to schedule a waste disposal drop-off time. A trained Barton's employee must be present at the disposal site in order to drop off chemicals.

Individuals using the site will be asked to complete a simple form to help personnel track where materials are coming from. Waste disposal services are offered at no charge. For more information, call Barton's Lumber at 417-858-6123.

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