Seligman handles property issues

Thursday, June 19, 2008

On June 9, the Seligman City Council voted to place liens on several properties located within the city limits that are being maintained by city employees.

Mayor Duane Corn stated that city employees have been mowing the yards at three properties in the city limits. Corn suggested the council place a lien on those properties to ensure the city is able to recoup mowing costs when the properties sell.

After discussing Corn's recommendation, the aldermen voted to place a $266 lien on lots A and B on Frisco Street, a $466 lien on lots C, D, E and F on Frisco and a $313.89 lien on lot #4 on Walnut Street.

In new business, the aldermen held an auction for the city's 1986 Case backhoe, which was advertised in a local newspaper and on flyers that were distributed in the city. Corn started the bidding at $3,700. The final bid, which was made by LB Corn, was $4,700.

After the auction, the aldermen reviewed bids received for a new backhoe.

Case in Springdale, Ark., offered the city a 2006 backhoe with 2,300 hours for $48,900. Potter Equipment in Springfield submitted information on a 2007 Case backhoe with 240 hours, which would cost $45,500.

The council also received a $66,833 bid for a 2007 backhoe with 68 hours and a $60,327 bid for a 2007 backhoe with 103 hours from Crane Works in Texas.

Other bids included: a 2006 backhoe with 350 hours, $68,000, and a 2006 backhoe with 495 hours, $57,950, Wilson Equipment in Kentucky; and a 2006 backhoe with 493 hours, $52500, Eldridge Supply in Arkansas.

The aldermen voted to purchase the 2007 Case backhoe from Potter Equipment. The city will be required to pay $15,500 down. The remaining $30,000 will be financed over a three-year period.

In other business, the Seligman City Council:

* Reviewed the May police department report, which included 44 speeding and equipment citations, 12 speeding and equipment warnings and nine arrests.

* Heard that the next planning and zoning meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on June 30.

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