Chamber to join Crowder in hosting business expo

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce will partner with Crowder College to host the 2008 Business and Career Expo. The event will be held on Oct. 1 at the new Crowder College auditorium, which is located on old Highway 37 across from Barry Electric.

"Angela Seymour, the director at the Crowder College campus in Cassville, contacted me about doing something for the students in Cassville so that they don't have to drive to Neosho," said Jolene Howerton, Crowder College Career Services coordinator. "She also thought it would help the community to host the event locally."

Howerton and Seymour contacted Amy White, Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, to share the idea of hosting a business and career expo in the Cassville area.

"Everyone knows that the chamber has the contacts," said Howerton. "With the chamber's help, we want to promote Cassville businesses and get career information to local students.

"The expo will help ensure students that they are on the right path by visiting with employers in their field who have the knowledge and expertise needed to answer their questions," said Howerton.

In addition to delivering career information to students, the event will give employees the opportunity to advertise their businesses.

"Businesses participating in the event will have an opportunity to get their names out there and talk to prospective employees," said Howerton. "A company may not need someone right then but that person may not be ready to go to work."

After the prospective employee has mastered his or her field through education, the business can mold that individual into an employee who fits their needs, said Howerton.

"Especially in smaller businesses, there is a need for a good personality fit," said Howerton. "Through this event they can look at the individual and find someone who they connect to."

The expo will also give students an opportunity to learn about new career opportunities, said Howerton.

"A business might specialize in wastewater management but that company still needs an accountant, marketing and a receptionist," said Howerton.

In addition to the businesses and organizations that will be represented at the Business and Career Expo, Crowder College has invited several four-year universities to participate in the event.

"This event will be set at the end of tourist season, so we hope to be able to draw in some individuals from outside the community," said Howerton. "The event should give students a broader exposure of the things offered in the area."

Businesses and organizations interested in participating in the 2008 Business and Career Expo can obtain a registration form at the Cassville Chamber of Commerce office, which is located at 504 Main St. in Cassville.

The registration fee for the business and career expo will be $40. The fee includes the use of a 70-square-foot booth space with a table and chairs, a complimentary lunch and free beverages.

"Businesses that need electricity need to let us know up front," said Howerton. "They should also let us know about any special needs they might have."

For more information on the 2008 Business and Career Expo, call Howerton at 417-455-5618 or e-mail