Letter to the Editor

City administrator praises Barry Electric

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dear Editor:

This is a letter written by Cassville City Administrator Mike Hayslip, which he suggested we run as a letter to the editor. His letter is provided below.

Dear Bill (Shiveley),

I just received an e-mail from Gary Whyte regarding your new on-line bill-pay service. Fantastic.

I've already signed up and paid my current bill. I pay most of my bills on-line to save the cost of stamps, trips to the post office, and other unnecessary hassles so this is a great benefit in my book, and free also.

Coming from Rogersville where I read my own meter, computed my bill and then mailed payment for over 11 years, I feel better knowing this is one less issue I have to deal with in my daily life. You and your crew have made it easier. A few clicks on the computer, and I am done for the month.

I've been in Cassville for two years now and I am completely impressed with our electric utility. You have made the customer an integral part of the phrase "customer service." Not to mention you and Gary are stand-up guys.

Keep up the good work! Cassville is blessed to have a great utility working with us and for us.


Mike Hayslip, MSW, MPA

City Administrator

Cassville, Missouri