Cassville council to pursue street improvement project

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Cassville City Council voted to "proceed aggressively" on street improvements along First Street from Main Street to Highway 37.

Roger Berg, with Scott Consulting Engineers in Springfield, attended Monday night's council meeting and presented preliminary suggestions for improvements along First Street, which city officials have identified as a priority roadway.

Currently, the city has set aside $300,000 in general revenue funds for the project. Berg presented the council with a base project proposal that would involve milling off a couple of inches of pavement where needed and overlaying the entire 3,900 feet of the street with two inches of asphalt. This option would cost approximately $150,000.

In addition, Berg proposed that the city widen the road to a uniform 28 foot width and add curb and gutter on about 3,500 feet of the roadway for an additional cost of $115,000. With engineering fees, these two proposals would bring the project up to around $300,000.

Right now, First Street has sporadic sections of curb and guttering in place along the roadway, which varies in width from 21 to 28 feet in areas.

According to Berg, the city needs to install 4,300 feet of curb and guttering to line both sides of the street from Main to Highway 37.

"It could cost $400,000 to do the whole thing," said Berg. "If the budget amount of $300,000 is fixed then we'll add curb and guttering where it makes sense and get the majority done."

Alderman Pete Landstad said he would like to have Berg come back to the council with a base project proposal and a few alternatives.

"If we're going to do it, let's do it right," said Landstad. "This is a street that needs to be fixed big time and I think it would be taxpayers' money well spent to give it our attention."

The council requested that Berg return to the June 2 council meeting with a more detailed description of the project as well as options and costs.

"Conceptually, we need to move forward on this," said City Administrator Mike Hayslip. "This is a significant project. First Street is a major thoroughfare in this community."

City aldermen also acted upon a request presented by Kenyon Atkinson, who was representing Anneece Arning and property she owns at Hilltop.

Atkinson informed the council that septic systems had been installed at SOS and the storage buildings at Hilltop.

"Now we need to know what to do with the lagoon," said Atkinson.

According to Atkinson, city officials had indicated to Mrs. Arning that the lagoon contents could be disposed of at the wastewater treatment plant back in May of 2006.

Atkinson said the plan was to drain the lagoon, put lime in it, fill it in, push the berms down and close it. He also agreed that the lagoon contents would be tested for heavy metals before entering the city's wastewater system.

"This is a one time issue and something we agreed to do," said Landstad. "I don't see a problem with this."
Atkinson said the cost to pump the lagoon and transport its contents would be paid for by Mrs. Arning.

Council members voted unanimously to allow the lagoon contents to be dumped into the wastewater system.

In other business, the council:

* Paid bills totalling $34,205.68.

* Voted to declare a 2004 patrol car with 96,261 miles and a 2005 patrol car with 55,587 miles as surplus property. The cars will be sold to the highest bidder after advertisements are placed in the local newspaper. The old patrol cars were replaced by two new 2008 patrol cars, which are now in service.

* Tabled an ordinance that would have amended the city's municipal codes to give the city authority to initiate action against nuisance properties that are located within one-half mile of city boundaries. City attorneys will be present at the June 2 council meeting to discuss the issue.

* Approved a resolution authorizing the city to file a Cyber Crime grant application through the Bureau of Justice Administration's Local Government Law Enforce-ment Block Grant program.

* Accepted the storm siren research and recommendation provided by Cassville Police Chief Lonnie McCullough. At this time, the council will not be moving the location of any of city's emergency warning sirens.

* Voted to dispose of the gazebo that is located in Cassville's South Park. The gazebo, which has been a target of continued vandalism, will be given to anyone who would be willing to haul it off or donated to anyone who is interested in obtaining it. For more information, call City Hall at 847-4441.

* Discussed a request submitted by the Cassville postmaster to make West Street a one-way street in front of the Cassville Post Office.

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