Cassville young men deserve our thanks

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dear Editor:

The tornado that slammed Purdy on May 10 also hit my parents' place onemile west of Purdy, destroying a large hay barn and seriously damaging an older barn and granery. The house, fortunately, suffered only minor damage to the roof, and no one was injured.

Twisted sheet metal, broken wood framing, shingles and broken limbs littered the yard and area around the out buildings. On Monday morning we were surveying the mess when a pickup drove up and three young men got out and asked if they could help. Hardly knowing where to start, I told them if they would gather up the debris in piles, it would make it easier to haul away.

For the next three hours, they gathered up the sheet metal and the wood and shingles in separate piles and sawed up the broken limbs and piled them up. They would take nothing for their work, and when they finished, they went on down the road to help someone else. The lift they gave our spirits through their selfless generosity was at least as appreciated as the amazing amount of work they accomplished while they were here.

By name, they are Levi Mounce, Tim Worley and Bryant Horner, all of Cassville, and they are all going on active duty with the Army later in the year. They told me their recruiter had suggested that way of helping out.

It is reassuring to know we have young men of that character in our community and in our armed forces. As a 22-year veteran of the Army, I know I could never get too many of those kind of individuals.

Once again, we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to them, their parents and all others in our community who help to shape the lives of our young people. Keep up the good work.


John Rehwinkle

Purdy, Missouri

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