Letter to the Editor

Observations made about political signs

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear Editor:

Last week, Bob Mitchell in "Ozark Views and Comments" made some astute observations concerning political signs and elections in Barry County.

As one who has followed "grass roots" political efforts for over 30 years, I have some observations on political signs. Signs are most effective when they are first put up. After about two weeks, if not just over a week, they become "old news" or just fade into the background and are no longer noticed.

In addition to no longer being noticed, the signs become dilapidated from wind and other factors. However, the signs of recent years are now made of plastic and wear much better than paper

signs that were placed on stakes.

Although most signs are placed in yards so they can be seen from both sides, one still sees signs placed so they can be seen from only one direction. The one exception to a sign not being placed so it can be seen in each direction, is at a busy "T" intersection.

I have had a political sign in my yard this season but replaced it after two weeks with a second sign, which I will also take down after two weeks. However, both signs will be up about two weeks before the election.

Once the election is over, candidates should see to it that their signs are removed. One candidate offered a prize to the person who brought in the most of his signs.


Tom Kerr

Monett, Missouri