Bogus contractor preys on clients

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear Editor:

What is our community coming to when one of our own preys on the elderly and the young? This is a true story of a contractor in the Cassville area that takes advantage of just such people. I know for a fact that he has taken several families for over $20,000 in the last eight months.

He comes in, gives you estimates, tells how long it will take, how much money up front he needs, then gradually works slower and starts asking for advances until he gets almost all his money and then takes off, leaving the job half done or in worse shape than what it was. You call him and ask if he is going to finish the job or fix the problems that he left and he will tell you it's not his place. If it's not his place, whose is it?

One couple gave him over $5,000 up front, he ripped up the floors and then walked off and left them with nothing but floor joists and two babies still crawling and in diapers.

Another lady, a disabled senior citizen, paid him $8,500 and spent around $15,000 in supposed supplies, and when he turned over the keys to her and said he was finished, he left her in a mess. When she moved back in she had cold water to the kitchen and bath, no hot water at all. He had run water into the gas hook-up on the water tank. The electric kept blowing fuses and burning out bulbs in one to two days.

She only had an electric skillet and deep fryer to cook with for several months. He didn't leave enough room for the kitchen stove even after he was told the measurements several times. She had two other contractors come and give estimates on fixing everything he had done, and it is going to cost another $10,000 to fix. All plumbing and electrical has to be redone and all new flooring redone.

You tell him you're going to take him to court and he laughs at you and says it's been tried before and didn't work then and won't now. You talk to attorneys and they tell you it won't do much good or want to charge you an arm and a leg.

Whatever happened to helping your neighbor? I grew up in a Baptist preacher's home and my father would give his last penny to someone less fortunate than us. What are we supposed to do in this day and time when we can't even trust our fellow man? I just don't understand it. I wasn't raised to treat people that way.

If you are planning on having some repairs done on your home or know someone else that is going to, feel free to contact me at 417-846-7706 and leave your name and number and I will get back to you if you would like to run the name of the person planning on doing the work to see if it's the same person that has done these other jobs.

I don't know any other way to help right now until these people finish with legal services. Please be very careful when hiring someone. Trust is a real big problem in Cassville and the surrounding area.


Teresa Tindle

Purdy, Missouri