Legislation could aid mental health system

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear Editor:

On behalf of Missouri Families For Access To Comprehensive Treatment or MOFACT, I wish to call attention to legislation pending in the Missouri legislature, which will greatly enhance comprehensive treatment to mental health patients and their families in our state. Presently anyone seeing a licensed doctor of psychology in Missouri must separately schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist or primary care physician purely for the purpose of obtaining a prescription or even a dosage change of a prescription. This not only delays the access to that prescription by sometimes months, it also creates the added cost of seeing the second doctor.

Pending legislation will allow extensively qualified doctors of psychology to prescribe mental health medications for their patients. Our organization represents hundreds of mental health patients in Missouri who together with their family members and friends number into the thousands and are closely watching this issue at the state level.

It is very important to this issue that your entire readership contact their legislators both in the Senate and the House of Representatives by e-mail, telephone or letter and politely express their firm support for House Bill HB 1739 and its companion legislation in the Senate, SB 917.

Together we can help bring Missouri into the 21st Century of healthcare. This legislation serves to actually reduce healthcare costs for the individual and insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid and doesn't cost the state of Missouri a dime. That's a win/win situation. Please act now. Thank you for your support.


Thomas Parquette

MOFACT state director

Branson, Missouri