Letter asks elected officials for help

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear Editor:

This letter is being circulated among the citizens of Washburn and will be mailed to Rep. Dave Sater and Sen. Jack Goodman.

Dear Representative Sater and Senator Goodman,

In attending the meeting on Feb. 7 that our city leaders held with DNR, their financial advisor and the engineer, I learned three things, 1) our council is concerned about our situation, 2) we are so far into the project that we will have to pay for it and 3) when I and Councilman Rose asked the engineer what would happen if our out-of-city users were to unhook or we lost anymore regular customers, his answer was "the remaining customers will have to make it up." This is the problem that we face!

The reality of it is that potentially 200 or less users (factoring in rental properties-49) will have to pay for this system. This may in turn create an economic nose dive within our community. By possibly losing these current customers, we will have to adjust the rate again, then as more conservation is required by our citizens to keep their bill as low as possible, may again be less, forcing an additional adjustment of the flat rate to cover payments.

The only option I see at this point is to look for help from our State Representative David Sater and Senator Jack Goodman. We must focus a collective effort toward a positive outlook and admit that we have been caught in a tough situation due to the economic items and events that we could in no way forecast, for instance, the loss of the grocery store and SW Litter Company, which are large water users, along with the looming recession. No one could have seen all this!

Is there any reason we cannot ask our representative and senator to look into our situation, present to them our information and see if there are any options available to us. It may take a list of all concerned citizens in our community. But I encourage you, that this is not a petition, but a humble plea to our representative and senator to see if there is anyway to help us with the dilemma that surrounds us.

I urge you, the citizens of Washburn, to encourage each other to stand up and be proud of our community that we have chosen to live in and not let this window of opportunity pass us by, because of pride or our attitude. When the glimmer of light may be as simple and easy as just asking for help, maybe then, and only then, would we feel we have pursued every avenue possible to seek help.

I would also like to take this chance to present to you a potential city motto brought to the WECAP group by Bob Windes - "A Better Tomorrow Starts Today."

Thank you,

Greg Alley

Washburn, Missouri