To the drivers who travel on Highway 37

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dear Editor:

During the years that we have lived in this area of Missouri, I have heard tale after tale of how helpful and kind the people of southwest Missouri are to others in trouble or need.

Tonight (Jan. 28 at around 5:30 p.m.), all of those stories seem like lies. My husband was traveling south on Highway 37 towing a trailer loaded with cabinets for our remodeling. He was going slowly (40 miles per hour) because of the wind and the load he was towing. Just south of Purdy the load somehow came loose and spilled onto the highway.

Nearly all of the cabinets were ruined and the countertop as well, not so much by the fall from the trailer but by the insensitive and discourteous drivers who ran over what was in their way without even slowing down. A semi-tractor trailer rig completely destroyed the countertop. Of course, we are simply the losers. Nothing is covered by anything.

Where was that Missouri helpfulness and kindness? I don't think I can believe in it anymore. I sure haven't seen it, and it was not displayed tonight.


Nadine Herald

Cassville, Missouri