Public input on parks requested

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dear Editor:

The Missouri Division of State Parks is responsible for preserving our state parks and historical sites. Not only are these sites places for recreation and relaxation but a part of our history. They attract tourists as well as residents of Missouri. The Parks Division has asked for citizen input into its Vision for the Second Century.

One of the biggest threats to our parks and historical sites is factory meat farms. These factory farms produce tons of manure and waste, the amount produced by a medium-sized city. DNR has frequently failed to regulate these meat farms, the toxic run-off into the streams, creeks and rivers and the smell that permeates the areas surrounding these operations. The number of threatened sites is growing to include Roaring River, Arrow Rock, Battle of Athens and the Harry S. Truman birthplace. The damage to these places will be permanent and have a negative impact on the local economy and tourism, as well as the quality of life.

Please contact the Division of State Parks to voice your concern that our parks not be crowded out by factory meat farms. The division asks that you go online at and comment on ideas for the vision. The web site will remain up through Jan 31. Your ideas will be incorporated into the list. Please take the time to let them know you want to protect our state parks and historical sites.


Kathy Casey

Exeter, Missouri