Letter writer offers readers another view

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dear Editor,

There have been many letters in the paper from the opposition to the chicken houses at Eagle Rock. A recent one indicated that a former director of tourism had joined the cause and how great that was. Is this not the man who was recently quoted as saying something to the effect that large farms were "single-handedly destroying the natural areas in the state?" I'm sorry, but anyone who would say that is not someone with a "realistic view of the big picture" as you say - that is someone who is blindly OUT OF TOUCH with reality. What irony that the industry he represented (tourism) and its

associated development is responsible for far more destruction of natural things in this state than agriculture ever will be. It's not even debatable.

Has he never been to Taney County to see real destruction of nature? Then there is all the commercial and residential development plaguing the Ozarks and taking the farms and land. It really was a ridiculous statement to make and it removes any objectivity or credibility from what he has to say. Sometimes it seems like this opposition uses many distortions and I feel they just may be fighting the totally wrong enemy. Thanks for considering another view.


Kent Arnaud

Monett, Missouri