Community needs to say enough is enough

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to those who read or are aware of an article published in the Jan. 9 edition of the Cassville Democrat about Skip White and the trends he has seen of prescription drugs taking the lives of many in Barry County in 2007.

Please do not let this article be taken lightly. The subject matter of the article isn't about whether you are friend or foe of Skip's and it most definitely should not be about whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. Skip is the man that voters put into the office of Barry County Coroner. He sees firsthand the things that are taking lives so needlessly.

As a 52-year resident of Exeter, I am especially asking the community of Exeter to pay close attention to Skip's message. Because if you feel this activity may never affect you, I have to disagree. This type of activity can affect anyone, anywhere. Exeter is rapidly becoming one of the easiest places to obtain those drugs.

The community of Exeter has a lot to be proud of. We have our churches, our fire department, our businesses and our school that we are making bigger and better. So they continue to have a community to be proud of, and as Skip stated in the article, it is time to stand up and work together and say "ENOUGH?IS?ENOUGH."

We need to be tougher on those individuals who are aiding in destroying our lives. We need to be a community that says we will not tolerate it. Please take the time to let Skip and those who are currently in positions who can help with stopping these activities how you feel. Something needs to change.


Marilyn Erwin

Exeter, Missouri

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ms. Irwin's letter arrived after I had already composed this week's editorial. Her input is very much appreciated.