Fond farewell by one of Charlie's Scouts

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dear Editor:

"If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives." - Robert South.

Against this measure, Charlie Vaughan was a giant.

Ask any Scout whom Charlie guided during his many, many years at the helm of his extraordinary Troop 76 in Cassville, and you'll be guaranteed many stories of what he gave them during their crucial growing-up years. And, they've no doubt savored the worth and impact of Charlie's gifts well into their mature manhood. Those stories and experiences will continue to be told and lived across generations for years into the future, because of this one, good man.

Sure, news of his death last week brought a brief pall of sadness and regret. But the overwhelming counterweight of joy swings short that grief because of the sheer fun, personal growth and self-worth that he helped so many of us attain over our Scouting years and beyond. And these memories bring a smile back to our minds and hearts.

Charlie Vaughan's life record of giving stands as a model for a community pillar. That record made his town, my hometown, a stronger and a better place than when he took up residence.

Flashy and polished, no; stalwart and true, always. As a result, the influence of his example, mentoring and service to his community has spread across many other communities of our entire land through the lives and influence and magnified-giving leaders he helped produce. We will all do well to remember and continue to model his example in so many aspects of our lives.

Of course, the contributions of his life were not limited to his impact on Scouts and Scouting in Cassville and the Ozarks. Charlie Vaughan will be missed because of his multiple gifts conveyed to many. Surely, he measured up for all who knew him.

I think I can safely extend the deepest condolences and sympathies of all my fellow Scouts and Scouters, certainly of those unable to do so in person, to Charlie's sons, Allen and Steven. We'll be lifting you up in our thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for sharing your Dad with so many of us.


Bruce Mitchell

Cassville Troop 76 Alumnus

Eagle Scout, 1966

Colorado Springs, Colorado