"Our defenders" By Karen Shilling, CHS student

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My brother is 21 years old, a fan of the New England Patriots and a Marine. My entire life I grew up with him watching over me. He was with me on my first day of school, the very first time I drove a car and even interrogated my boyfriend on my first date. He wanted to be the best brother he could for me. He was there to protect me.

I never knew how much veterans and our active military citizens have had to give up until it affected my family and someone so close to my heart. I now understand why our nation sets this day aside to celebrate and honor our current and retired men and women who serve our country.

This is not just a day that is recognized to commemorate our citizens who fought so bravely, but to also remember what they fought for - the important aspects that make America what it is today. They have battled for freedom, pride, duty, dedication and the safety of their family.

These people have made huge sacrifices to protect our country. They have left behind job opportunities, sick relatives, new spouses and even brothers and sisters who adore and miss them every day. They have risked or will risk their lives to serve America and let it stay a wonderful country in which to live.

There is no compromising with a commanding officer in the military. Veterans have humbled themselves to take orders and ask no questions. They have put in grueling hours for the good of our nation. The definition of soldier is "a worker with a cause," but I believe that they are so much more than that. They are not just working for a cause; they are working because they love this country and its people and are willing to do anything to keep us safe.

We have so much respect for and pride in our veterans and soldiers because they have put their lives in peril to guard and keep us secure. Just like my brother, they are our protectors.