"The Bell of Liberty Doth Ring" - By Jacob Roller, CHS student

Thursday, November 15, 2007

In every war this country has endured, valiant men and women have fought for the preservation of the basic aspects our ancestors used as the foundation of the United States of America. Those wonderfully brave soldiers who felt enough patriotism in their hearts to be able to risk their very lives to defend the basic values upheld in this great country deserve nothing less than our eternal gratitude and respect. Image how much love one must feel toward something to risk one's very life for it. The astounding patriotism these soldiers must have felt is simply awe-inspiring, especially to contemporary citizens of the United States.

America owes much to her veterans. Life would be so different today if these men and women had not fought for the freedom of their fellow citizens and posterity. It is hard for many modern Americans to imagine a life without liberty because another entity has never truly usurped it from us. The ever-present liberty we experience due to the courage of the soldiers who fought to preserve that liberty is the reason why we must wholeheartedly thank those who have made our essential freedom possible: our veterans.

The prominent generations of today often times slight what our veterans have done for us, but on this hallowed day we seek to remember those soldiers and give thanks to them. Every day, Americans wake up to lives enriched by the great clamor of liberty; this wonderful noise is a vital part of the symphony that is our country. In a sense, the men and women who fought to preserve our basic freedoms have given us the lives we live now. Although we owe so much to the soldiers who fought for us, we can only give them our thanks and gratitude. We must concede that a certain aspect of our individual patriotism should be devoted to our veterans, for without their valiant efforts, we might not have the opportunity to feel patriotic today.

The brave men and women who had indefatigably toiled through terrible strife just to defend this "sweet land of liberty" deserve our utmost reverence. Our veterans have sacrificed so much for this country; the sacrifices they made in the past have effectively fueled the future of the United States.

How difficult it must be to surrender one's hopes and dreams to the devilish machine of fate. The ingrained patriotism that emanates from many of these soldiers is nothing short of fantastic.

Our veterans are venerable people through and through. These men and women are deserving of our admiration because they have made possible our lives today. Americans should never forget the remarkable impact these veterans have had on our way of living - living with the glorious affirmation of freedom.

Thanks to their heroic efforts, the bell of liberty doth still ring today.