Football players made this fan proud

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dear Editor:

Being new to Missouri, I thought I was the only one confused about how the high school play-offs are handled. But in talking with everyone I know, I came to the realization that it isn't only myself who is bewildered, but the half the town as well.

After the end of the Seneca game this last Thursday night, even though the Wildcats won, heads hung low, tears flowed and emotions ran high among the players. With that being the case, I feel compelled to tell all of the young men on this year's football team how very proud, not only I, but all of us are of them. The Wildcats not only showed their strength on the grid iron every week, but also in their integrity in how they have handled both their success and their unfortunate and untimely demise.

Each and every one of the Cassville Wildcat football players are champions in my eyes. Way to go on a terrific season.


A proud football mom

Mary Jo Moore

Cassville, Missouri