Coach Large is a man to emulate

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dear Editor:

Kudos and thanks to the Wildcat football team and coaching staff for several years of fantastic games. Like many of us, I became interested in football when one of my own began to play (grandson in my case). The team played great for the entire season. I definitely hope (for me) that the enthusiasm carries over for more Wildcat games in the future. Fall Friday nights look mighty bleak without it.

Great as the games were, one of my favorite times was after the playing was over. Then we hurried to the car to listen to the coach's corner. It was here Coach Large continued to amaze me. Not once did I hear an offensive word about a player or coach from another school.

In victory or loss, he always found something to compliment them on. And when he did have something negative to say about the 'Cats, it was always "WE" need to work more on whatever he was concerned about. Not they or the team but rather WE.

Coach Large, you are a great example of a gentleman and a coach who knows how to get the job done. You have a group of boys that respect, honor, even idolize and love you. They follow you with pride and dignity, and I for one cannot imagine a better example for them to emulate. The traits you have taught them shine through, both on and off the field.

Keep up the good work and once again, thank you.


Charlotte Carter

(Dannon Rose's Grams)

Washburn, Missouri