Evangelist's life is most unusual

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dear Editor:

The Golden Church of God will be the scene for three nights of revival led by a most unusual evangelist, Judy Means. On Nov. 11, 12 and 13, Judy will be teaching and preaching and her daughter, Branson entertainer Kasi Means, will be singing some of her favorite hymns.

Judy's life story might have been written for a soap opera but could have been turned down as too fantastic. Growing up in California, as a young child she was placed in an iron lung comatose with polio and spinal meningitis. Little Judy was given almost no chance to live. When her mother's prayers were answered and an awake Judy was taken out of the iron lung, doctors said she would live but could not be expected to walk.

After years in a wheelchair, a teenaged Judy walked out of an Oral Roberts Crusade pushing her wheelchair. Graduating from high school, she went to beauty college and became a licensed cosmetologist, got married and had a baby girl. Her husband died from leukemia. Marrying again she had two more children. Her husband was abusive to the point of putting her in the hospital after one especially bad beating. She was relieved when he left her for another woman.

The divorce gave her custody of the children, but he kidnaped the two younger ones and took them to another state. Unable to get them back through the courts, Judy appeared on several nationally televised talk shows discussing the problems of recovering children taken by spouses.

Judy became successful in auto sales until a fall broke both her ankles and put her back in a wheelchair. Driving a Rolls Royce and living in a beautiful lakefront house in California with a new husband, life still seemed good. Unable to stand up for long hours, she took up permanent cosmetics and got enough experience to become an instructor.

They moved to Arizona and Kasi came into their lives. Suddenly things took a turn for the worse resulting in homelessness for a period. Judy and Kasi went to Missouri and stayed with Judy's sister. Things got better, and they went back to Arizona.
Judy continued to be threatened by illness. Through gall bladder surgery, a hysterectomy, prolapsed mitral valve and other serious illnesses, Judy continued to thank the Lord for her healing. She no longer needed a wheelchair. Judy knew that a loving God had sustained her through all this and she felt called to testify to the healing miracles she kept experiencing.

Starting in a Catholic church, she began to speak in churches of many denominations across America and in Africa. She found that her story touched many people and that she had a gift for healing.

In 1998, the family moved to Golden to be near Judy's sister and mother. In 2000, they held services across the country inspiring audiences with the stories of Judy's healing and seeing many miracles. Judy discovered a gift for prophecy and amazed people with words of knowledge that no one but God or a psychic could know. Judy knows she is no psychic.
Stricken with breast cancer in 2001, Judy had a lumpectomy. A staph infection from the hospital stay nearly killed her, but she was cancer free for two years. Then a new tumor led to a double mastectomy and the discovery that the cancer was in her lymph system. It did not look good. Radiation and chemotherapy kept Judy down for almost a year.

She bounced back and in addition to running booths at Silver Dollar City and Celebration City, she became the makeup artist for "The Jim Bakker Show" and Tim Hill's television ministry. Last month Jim Stafford had her do the makeup for his new television series "Knuckleheads." This has meant living in Branson.

God has called her back to the pulpit. She is starting with the Golden Church of God. If you want to hear about her recent trip to Israel, know the difference between a prophet and a psychic and learn about healing miracles, don't miss it. There may be miracles to see and a word from God for you.


Jim Means

Golden, Missouri