E-911 Board hears updateson addressing

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pat Leighter, Barry County E-911 director, presented the Barry County E-911 Emergency Services Board with updates on mapping and personnel during the board's regularly scheduled meeting on Oct. 22.

"I currently have no projected date of install for the CAD (computer-aided dispatching software) since MSAG is unable to give the Interact engineer a date for when Interact will receive the mapping data,"?said Leighter. "I have asked Interact to go ahead and install the 911 phone system. They are reluctant to do a partial install. At this time, we are waiting on a decision from them."

If Interact does not receive the mapping data from MSAG within the next few weeks, the install date for the 911 phone system could be pushed back to mid-December or early January, said Leighter.

"MSAG did receive the boundary map (for the county's fire departments) on Thursday afternoon and by Friday afternoon we noticed that they had changed the Jenkins boundaries," said Leighter. "If everything they do continues at this pace, I am hopeful that the master street address guide could be completed by Dec. 15."

The on-line GIS website has been updated with the road name changes that were requested prior to October. Road name changes that were requested after October will not be changed until after the 911 system is on-line, said Leighter.

Over 50 road name requests are currently pending. Requests received after Nov. 1 will not be accepted.

"Provided everything goes as planned with the equipment install and the building, I propose we take over the present (Barry County Sheriff's Office) dispatchers' salaries at midnight on Nov. 16," said Leighter. "I intend to run the new system concurrent with the existing system at the sheriff's office for two weeks."

The systems will be run concurrently from Nov. 19 through Dec. 2. After Dec. 2, Barry County E-911 will begin dispatching all emergency service calls for the county.

"In order to have at least double coverage on all shifts, I will need to hire five more dispatchers," said Leighter. "If we want triple coverage on all shifts, I will need to have a staff of 15."

Leighter has received 32 applications for 911 dispatchers. She intends to test the basic skills of all applicants on Nov. 13. Interviews will be scheduled for Nov. 16 and hiring will begin after Nov. 19.

In other business, the Barry County E-911 Emergency Services Board:

• Approved a $5,114 purchase order for a flagpole, lighting and concrete base that will be placed in front of the Barry County E-911 Operations Center.

• Approved a $13,375 bid from Carnahan White, of Springfield, to fence property for the City of Cassville. The fencing project is part of an agreement that gave the E-911 ownership of a parcel of land that was previously owned by the city.

• Heard that the McDonald County E-911 system will serve as Barry County's back-up center.

• Approved a $8,364 change order for a retaining wall and fence. Approval is subject to review by the E-911 building committee.

• Approved the revised budget for 2007-08.

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